Egg Lake Blue

San Juan Island's Secret Stash


Here at Egg Lake Quarry, we have a spectacular and unique type of rock. "Egg Lake Blue."  It's subtle mixture of quartz and basalt stone makes for a shimmering blue and white color. Our Customers have found this stone to be the perfect accent to any construction, landscaping or renovation project.

The Photo to the right is a closeup of our Raw, freshly excavated stone. The areas that are white are made up of Quartz and the darker tones are made up of basalt. This combination creates the tell-tell "Shimmer" of Egg Lake Blue and is found in all of our stone and rock products. From Crushed stones for paving to sorted drain rock and even our landscaping boulders all contain this mixture of minerals to create one magnificent material.


If you are curious as to our entire catalog of materials, please click on the below link to be taken directly to our On-line ordering page. Each product will detail what type of material will work best for your project alongside photos of other finished projects that have used that material. Our On-line ordering allows you to buy your material directly and set up either a pick up or a delivery to your project site! 



We start by excavating material from our Quarry. Once separated and sorted by size, we take our smaller material pile and scoop it up and empty it into our "Jaw" (Large Blue Machine pictured below) This Crushes the larger sized material down into much smaller pieces. Then from the Jaw, the now much smaller material is conveyed along to our Power Screen. (Green conveyor pictured below)

The Power Screen has 3 separate size settings, which it shakes the raw material through. This sorts the material for us into 3 piles. Once they are in those piles, they are ready for immediate

delivery. The screening process can make clean rock in various sizes as well as varying sized rock with fines, which we call "minus grade" that compacts beautifully. This is used primarily for construction of Paved surfaces like roads, trails, driveways, parking lots,  or even horse stalls! Anything that can be traveled on my foot, horse or automobile.

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