Growing plants from plants



"Waste not, want not." This motto has a special meaning to the people of the San Juan Islands. Being isolated from the mainland, recycling is not just something Islanders do to save the planet. It's a way of life! We here at Egg Lake Quarry are no exception to the rule. Our "Cascadian Soil's" compost is comprised of 100% recycled Green waste. We in turn "manufacture" this Green waste into various compost and soil products. Which is then used to grow lush green vegetation, food, trees... You name it! 


The photo pictured to the left is one of our giant stockpiles of "Green Waste." This includes tree stumps, unwanted brush, sticks, leaves, plants, et cetera. In the spirit of sustainability, we break these down and then reuse them in our composts and soils used for creating even more plants and tree's. using the previous generation to nurture and feed the next generation, and so on.

The Photo pictured below is of our Royer Model 365 soil blender and shredder. The Model 365 is ideal for the large-scale applications combining throughput capacity and small size into


one package. The 4.4 cubic yard hopper capacity is processed by the shredder belt driven by an 89 horsepower system. Organic materials such as topsoil, compost peat, sand and loan are quickly churned and aerated on the shredder belt. This includes higher moisture and clay content material. Thorough mixing and blending is accomplished by utilizing the Royeration process by way of a side discharge conveyor. Your final product is a light, finely processed top dressing suitable for immediate use. Material sizing is easily controlled and changed with a hand operated fence gate. All processing takes place on site, reducing the amount of trips required, thus reducing the carbon impact of the manufacture of our soil! 


Once the soil is screened and blended by our Royer 365, we are able to load it directly into on our our delivery dump trucks. We have various sizes of trucks depending on how much soil you require as well as how much space you have to operate in. We are able to deliver to all of the San Juan Islands, including the non-ferry serviced Outer Islands! We accomplish this via Barge. If you have any questions about deliveries or if you'd like a price quote for an Outer Island Delivery, please click here.


We Manufacture 3 different types of Cascadian Soil's. Compost, 2-Way and 3-Way.

Our 2-Way soil is a mixture of our Compost and either regular sand or Native Island Sand. This soil blend is widely used across the entire island in landscaping and farming. As the Compost and Sand mixture is a water permeable soil, it does a very good job of allowing water to pass through it. It's best use would be in areas that are heavily saturated. 

Our 3-Way soil is a mixture of our Compost, Clay and either regular sand or Island Native Sand. This composite is great as a water retainer. It's best use would be in areas that are very dry. This soil will soak up rainfall or other supplied water like a sponge. Making sure your vegetation gets all the water it can drink.


Our final composite soil is our Cascadian Soil's Compost Made up of entirely 100% reclaimed "Green waste." This compost (Pictured right) will make even the most stubborn plants grow and flourish! Made up of entirely of discard tree stumps, bushes, plants and other recycled landscaping elements, our compost sets the stage for the next generation of vegetation to grow! Literally giving new life to what was thought to be "throw away" material. Not only does the recycling of wasted material help the environment, but then using that  aforementioned waste to grow even more vegetation! This compost is one of the greenest available on the market today! Not only will you feel great after finishing your project with our Compost, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing you used a sustainable product to do so! To check out our current pricing for our Cascadian Soil's, please click here.