Green technologies is more then just Caring about our environment, It will also help you save money over the life of your building. How? Below we go over some of Green Tech and why its beneficial.  


Solar Technology has advanced since its inception decades ago especially in the era of photovoltaic or PV systems. Federal and local governments are evaluating and adopting tax incentive programs to encourage companies and individuals to install solar power systems on their property and some utility companies are buying unused energy at preset rates, sometimes above what they sell it for.

Photovoltaic systems still require exposure to the sun making a building’s roof one of the more favorable installation locations. Garco Building Systems metal roofs provide an ideal substrate for solar arrays and offer unique environmental and performance advantages consisting of:

• Long-lasting durability that factors into an overall low lifetime cost while outliving currently available PV systems

• A virtually maintenance-free system

• Superior warranties

• Virtually 100% recyclable material comprised of 20 to 30% postconsumer recycled steel

• A wide array of vibrant cool roof colors that are highly reflective, reducing the heat island effect in urban areas while contributing to energy efficiency in southern climates

• For net heating environments, Galvalume Plus™ panels offer an economical solution with low emittance, maximizing a building’s ability to hold heat while still offering a reflective surface to aid in the reduction of summer cooling loads.

• Consult our experts to get help in determining which solution saves the most energy.

Metal Insulated Panels

Garco Buildings’s profiled panels with a urethane foam core have a standard FM Class 1 approval and offer the best insulating values available today.

Panels are lightweight and quick to install, significantly reducing construction time.

A double tongue-and-groove offset side joint permits concealed fastening.

Consistent insulating values are achieved with built-in thermal breaks, saving energy.

The metal and foam composite construction creates a rigid panel far stronger than the individual parts. This increases the span capability of the panels and reduces the need for secondary structural steel components.

Available in multiple different styles and thicknesses.


The 7.2 Insul-Rib™ insulated metal wall panel combines a traditional 7.2 rib panel design with a polyurethane foam core. For the first time, this widely used profile is now available with exceptional insulating properties in various thicknesses.

Superior Insulating Value across the entire wall and roof area is assured with Garco Buildings panels. The advanced polyurethane core provides enhanced insulation values that significantly lowers heating and cooling costs.

One-Piece Construction process assures rapid completion of the wall and roof system. Factory fabricated composite panels are attached directly to the supporting structure and multiple steps to construct the insulated wall and roof are eliminated. Faster building completion means reduced construction and interim financing costs.

Lightweight yet Structurally Strong panels weigh only 2 ½ to 3 ½ pounds per square foot, but are structurally strong enough for long spans that can significantly reduce costs for frame support.

Impermeable Faces & Built-in Thermal Breaks ensure the highest insulating values are maintained for the life of the building. Panels are manufactured with impermeable faces and when installed the insulation is completely encapsulated by metal trim that creates an impermeable membrane on all sides of the panel. The aged “R” values are comparable to the initial “R” values many years after the buildings original completion. Assured thermal values mean lower heating and cooling costs.

Class 1 Polyurethane Foam meets the requirements of the major model building codes for many types of construction. Unlike panels with expanded polystyrene cores they will not produce a self-propagating fire. Local building codes may require automatic fire suppression systems for most installations.

Concealed Attachment with clips and fasteners at the side joint of the panel offers a clean high profile appearance. No more barn like metal building looks.

Garco Buildings are Lightweight, yet very strong and durable attributing to reduced costs for erection and structural support.

Metl-Span’s CFR is an insulated metal standing seam roof panel, and is the foremost innovation in all-in-one composite panel design, combining durable interior and exterior faces with Metl-Span’s unmatched polyurethane core.

The CFR roof panel provides exceptional benefits including a standing seam exterior face for unsurpassed weathertight performance, and panel widths contributing to installation savings because there are fewer side joints to seal. CFR roof panels are installed completely from the top side with concealed clips and fasteners placed in the side joint. Cold Storage applications may require alternate methods of attachment. Factory cut panel ends, factory notching and factory swaged ends eliminate critical and extensive field reworking and reduce erection costs. Factory installed backer plates at the endlaps also eliminate pre-drilling for special fasteners and fastener tools.

Careful design parameters have enabled Garco Building Systems to create an incomparable roof system that is easily and quickly installed without dependence on highly skilled labor.

The HPCI Barrier™ insulated metal panel is an air, water, thermal and vapor barrier panel that can be used behind any type of facade. The HPCI Barrier back-up panel is installed in a horizontal orientation completely outside the structural supports. There are no thermal bridges to reduce the energy efficiency of the wall. HPCI Barrier is quick and easy to install and provides an economical solution to conventional air, water, thermal and vapor control without sacrificing thermal efficiency.

The versatility of Metl-Span’s LS-36™ insulated metal roof and wall panel offers a multitude of design options. The overlapping, through fastened joint allows for quick installation in roof or wall applications that results in reduced labor costs and earlier business starts. Owners will also appreciate the energy cost savings that an insulated metal panel provides.

The Garco Buildings CF Mesa and Light Mesa insulated metal wall panels are well suited for exterior and interior partition wall applications. The lightly corrugated profile on both faces of the panels ensures symmetry from outside of the building to inside, and from room to room in partition installations. The CF Mesa and Light Mesa wall panels may be used for exterior wall applications, but they are not recommended for use on exterior walls of low temperature buildings.

The CF Stainless wall panel has a highly reflective surface and the same attractive profile as the CF Mesa wall panel. The panel is suggested for use in areas where the faces are exposed to high-pressure wash-down and chemical cleaners.Note: Use of chlorides for cleaning may cause corrosion of stainless steel surfaces if not thoroughly rinsed off.

A double tongue-and-groove offset side joint permits concealed fastening.

Consistent insulating values are achieved with built-in thermal breaks, saving energy.

The metal and foam composite construction creates a rigid panel far stronger than the individual parts. This increases the span capability of the panels and reduces the need for secondary structural steel components.

The Garco Buildings Santa Fe® insulated metal wall panel has a flat exterior profile with a heavy embossed, stucco texture that mimics the look of a masonry stucco finish.

Tuff-Cast™ is an exceptionally attractive insulated metal wall panel with the look of finished precast concrete. The exterior surface of the panel is a hard aggregated fiber reinforced polymer coating created with the factory applied Tuff Cote® finish system. Tuff Cote® finish offers an extremely durable impact and abrasion resistant coating that withstands severe weather conditions. Unlike field-applied finishes that are vulnerable to damp or cold weather during installation, Tuff-Cast™ panels can be erected in virtually any weather condition. The interior face of the Tuff-Cast™ panel is finished with an attractive Mesa profile and painted with a white polyester coating.

The look of finished precast concrete with the efficiency of an insulated metal panel
The field-tested and proven Tuff Cote® technology
A durable finish that is highly resistant to impact and abrasion
A 10-year limited warranty

Metl-Span’s CFR Retro-Seam™ insulated metal standing seam roof panel featuring Roof Hugger’s® sub-purlin system combines the technical innovation and product reliability for which we’re known and more critically, provides a long-term, cost effective and energy efficient solution to your roofing challenge.Retro-Seam is a light-gauge structural member, notched to span over the original roof’s ribs or corrugation, which is positioned directly over the building’s framing system. The member is attached to the roof purlins through the bottom flange of the structural member and the existing roof sheet. The new insulated metal standing seam roof is then attached to the new member.

Garco’s new INNOVA3™ is a 3″ insulated metal panel and is ideal for high profile horizontal applications. INNOVA3 is specially designed to provide continuous insulation and meet ASHRAE 90.1 R-value requirements for steel framed walls. Unlike more traditional insulation products, Garco’s INNOVA3 insulated metal panels are placed outboard of the structural supports, creating a continuous barrier for maximum thermal efficiency with no compressed insulation or thermal bridges. A specially formed barrier side joint ensures maximum thermal performance and permits hidden application of the vapor sealant within recessed grooves. This protects the sealant from harmful effects of extreme weather and provides an impenetrable water and vapor seal.

Metl-Span’s ThermalSafe® panel is the latest development in fire resistant wall construction technology.

ThermalSafe® combines advanced panel design with Metl-Span’s sophisticated manufacturing expertise to create a composite panel with a core made from non-combustible structural mineral wool boards that are processed in the factory to maximize compressive strength. The resulting panel has superior structural characteristics and span capability. Metl-Span has created this panel to achieve a one-, two- or three-hour fire resistance rating under the most demanding condtions. In additon to its fire resistance characteristics, the panel provides good thermal performance and protection from the elements. The unique LockGuard® interlocking side joint further enhances the fire resistant performance of the panel with its tongue and groove engagement of the mineral wool core.

Metl-Span CF Fluted wall panel provides bold vertical lines complimentary to almost any commercial or industrial building. Inverted ribs in the profile enhance the high-tech industrial look. The CF Fluted wall panel is the recommended profile for the exterior of cold storage buildings.

The Garco Buildings Striated insulated metal wall panel is an attractive and economical alternative to typical flat wall panels. The exterior face is lightly profiled with narrow longitudinal striations and exhibits a virtual flat appearance from a short distance away. The Striated wall panel is an exceptional value combining the aesthetics of a flat wall panel and high insulation ratings of a polyurethane core.